Synthetic Biological Constructs for Bio-Engineering Clinical Solutions

                       From Muscle & Nerve Platforms to 3D Matrix Tissue Constructs for Modelling, Regeneration & Tissue/Electronics Interfacing             


BioRegenex is a Biomedical Engineering company developing synthetic biological constructs which are used to                       Bio-engineer clinical solutions for a broad range of applications. From muscle and nerve platforms to 3D matrix tissue constructs for modelling, regeneration, therapeutics & tissue / electronics interfacing.

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Fibers for Muscle, Peripheral Nerve:-

Linear architecture of muscle/nerve

Linear arrangement of muscle fibers & axons

Layered 3D Cell Network Structures:-

CNS, PNS, Muscle


Guided Regeneration:-


Tissue regeneration

Integration with future medial devices

BioActive centres dispersed in 3D


Nanostructured Myo-Regenerative

Scaffolds: Restoration of Muscle

Ordered Structure Platforms:-

Microstructured  / Nanostructured

Bio-Proteins / Biomimetics

Multi-Component / Multi-Dimensional


3D Inter-Distributed Defined Components

Electrical Stimulation for Biomimetry

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